Do you get bombarded by charitable appeals and flummoxed by how to respond?

Do you have a rationale for why you make donations to the organizations you do?

Does giving impact your overall bottom line?

Many successful companies use their philanthropic investment and engagement to support their overall business objectives.

They integrate their marketing, donation, and volunteer engagement efforts into their overall business strategy so that they can reinforce each other.

Evergreen helps businesses articulate their corporate social responsibility (CSR) endeavors in a way that advances their overall brand. As a “virtual CSR officer,” we:

  • Build plans to achieve desired goals
  • Integrate the CSR effort with the company’s overall marketing and communications plan
  • Identify, evaluate, and facilitate philanthropic endeavors that are aligned with the CSR plan
  • Vet prospective funded entities
  • Conduct independent assessments
  • Provide regular impact reports to the executive team and board