Do you ever feel like an ATM, writing checks to a number of nonprofit organizations just because they asked?

Do you want to know the impact of your giving – but don’t know how to measure it

Are your charitable donations aligned with the causes that are most important to you?

Philanthropy is more than a one-time transaction, a natural response to people in need.

It is a way for people to express their values and make a tangible difference for causes that matter to us.

One of the most effective ways you can maximize your impact is to create a philanthropic plan. Just like a financial advisor helps individuals and families reach their financial goals, Evergreen helps individuals get the most out of their charitable giving. The core elements of an effective philanthropic plan include:

  • Identifying the causes that are important to you
  • Understanding what motivates you to give or get involved
  • Articulating what you want to accomplish and how you want to engage
  • Designating organizations with a solid track record
  • Determining how you will measure success

In addition to creating plans for individuals and families to reach their philanthropic goals, Evergreen can:

  • Frame a narrative to describe what matters to them and why
  • Build a communications strategy
  • Establish a basis for getting involved with a cause
  • Coach people on how to engage in various forms of philanthropy, from board service to fundraising
  • Track impact